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GOTSCOMBODD90: Get 2GB Data with Unlimited Texts for 7 Days

Get free data, create your own promo code. Use the code GOTSCOMBODD90 to get free 2GB data.

We have good news for the Globe Prepaid network users. With the promo code GOTSCOMBODD90, you can get 2GB free data, GoWatch data, unlimited text, and many more benefits for free. You’ll find detailed information/ benefits of the promo code below.

Detailed Benefits of the Promo GOTSCOMBODD90

  • 2GB Mobile Internet Data
  • Free 1GB/day GoWatch & Play data for Netflix, YouTube, Mobile Legends, ROS, etc. And GoShare & Shop data for Facebook, Instagram, Shopee, and Twitter
  • 1GB free GoWiFi data + Free GCash voucher
  • Unlimited direct texts to all networks
  • Validity for 7 days
  • Requires ₱90 load
  • *143# to register or it can be done using keyword

How to Subscribe
To register via keyword, send a text to 8080 writing GOTSCOMBODD90 or writing GOSAKTO90 to 8080.
To register using the USSD code menu, dial *143# and select Gosakto> create a Promo> Text & surf> TXTS to all networks> Unlimited TXTS> Bulk (MB) surfing> 2000MB> 7 Days> Create & subscribe

(Note: Available to GLOBE users only)

How to Check Status
To check status of the offer, text GOSAKTO STATUS to 8080

How to Stop the Promo
To stop the promo, text GOSAKTO STOP to 8080

How to Avail Additional Benefits
To get the additional 2GB GoWatch data for 1 day, load ₱29 and text GOWATCH29 to 8080.
Some users can also avail 7GB GoWatch Data, 700MB GoPlay data for 7 days for only ₱90. To register, text HACKS90 to 8080.

GOTSCOMBODD90: 2GB Data + Unli All Network Texts for 7 Days


GOTSCOMBODD90, which is now GOSAKTO90, is a very affordable internet during promo code that Globe users can avail. The promo instantly gives you 2GB internet data with unlimited texts to any networks for 7 days. You can always try the different variants of the same promo code, GOTSCOMBODD70.

To activate the offer, you can follow the steps mentioned above. Once the offer gets activated on your number, you’ll receive an SMS notification saying: “Congrats! You have successfully availed your promo code, GOTSCOMBODD90. Enjoy unlimited text to all networks, 2GB free data for 7 days, to check balance and stop the service; dial *143#.”

Benefits of GOTSCOMBODD90 Promo Code

Note: The promo code is available for Globe subscribers only

  • You get 2GB data for 7 days
  • Unlimited all network texts for 7 days
  • Free 1GB GoWatch and GoPlay data for Youtube, Netflix, and Games
  • GoShare and Shop data for Facebook, Instagram, Shopee, etc
  • Easy registration

If 2GB is not enough for you, you can always avail the same promo code again while the first one is still active. To activate the promo code GOTSCOMBODD90 again, follow the same process, and you’ll get additional 2GB data. This way, you can extend the data as well as the validity of the promo code.

We’ll soon post some other coupons related to GOTSCOMBODD90, where you can avail more data for a longer time. Feel free to ask any question regarding the activation of the promo and also share it with your friends and let them enjoy this special promotional offer.

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