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How to Type the Peso Sign (₱) on Your Phone or Computer

Want to know how to type the peso sign (₱) on your phone and computer, read this guide.

The Philippine peso is the official currency of the Philippine and its symbol peso (₱) is the currency symbol. The peso sign is commonly used on digital publication, people also use PHP instead of the symbol.

Peso is also the main currency of Mexico but they use the dollar sign ($) instead of the peso sign. This makes the peso sign (₱) unique to the Philippines.

Here you’ll get to learn how to type the peso sign on your Smartphone or Computer.

Why Use the Peso Sign

You can use the PHP instead of the peso sign but sometimes it can be confusing. For example, PHP is one of the most popular programming languages on the web. Also using the peso sign can make your writing look clean and easily understandable without creating any confusion.

How to Type Peso Sign on Your Smartphone and Computer, Shortcut

Of course, you can copy the sign from here and paste it on your writing; but knowing the way to type it will save a lot of your time in the future.

Just to copy:

Type Peso Sign on Your Smartphone

Typing the peso sign on your smartphone is easy as typing the dollar sign or, @, #, or any commonly used symbols.

peso sign
Screenshot: Gboard Peso Sign

As you can see in the screenshot above, go to the symbol section of the keyword and hold down the default currency icon. Hold the icon for a second and it’ll give you the option to choose the Peso symbol my scrolling right.

Type Peso Sign on Your Windows Computer, Peso Sign Shortcut

We use computers daily and when it comes to typing the peso sign, we don’t even know where to begin.

To type the peso sign on your Windows running computer, hold down the ALT key on your keyboard and type 8369 on the number pad.

ALT + 8369

peso sign windows

An alternative to the above method, you can type 20B1 (two, zero, letter b, one) and then press the ALT and X key at the same time to get the peso sign.

20B1 + ALT and X

This is how you can type the Peso Sign (₱) on your phone or compute. If you face any difficulty with the mentioned methods, you can always copy-paste the peso sign (₱) from this page.

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